Jason’s Mobile Steam is the number one mobile trucking solutions provider in North Eastern Alberta

Steamers, Combo Units, Semi Vacs & Body Vacs, Hydro Vacs, Water Trucks & Laborers

JMS is 100% Indigenous owned

JMS was founded over 20 years ago and is strategically positioned to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage to achieve our mission and vision. In fulfilling our vision we shall continue to build and improve the capacity of the communities in which we operate and for the indigenous people of The Region Two Metis Nation of Alberta.

Indigenous communities are engaged to ensure development and growth for the indigenous people. We strictly adhere to our belief in the preservation of the environment, the safety of all people, and sustainability for the communities in which we work.

JMS will always be first and foremost a responsible business partner.

We are based out of two main locations:

Lac La Biche, AB – Main location
Fort Kent, AB – Satellite location

Our Team

Irene Harnett

Director Operations & Corporate Services


Jason Hardwick

Operations Supervisor


Ben Parsons

Operation / Business Development


Nolan Nicholls

Safety/MTCE Coordinator 


The JMS team is comprised of indigenous and local people to the region

The entire team at JMS listens to our partners/customers we want to continuously improve and we can only do this by being open to constructive criticism and being humble enough to ask for help when we need it. We want to be your exceptional performance partner.